Autumn 2016 Updates

Photo - Shira and her daughter Tay
Selfie taken with my daughter Tay at the Mayor’s Rodeo 2016-The Rodeo raises money through sponsors to give scholarships to New Tecumseth students. If you have a child entering College or University next year, applications are available through the clerk

Share the Road

I received the support of council to have staff investigate the feasibility of creating a “Share the Road” route on the 20th Sideroad, across the 5th line and north on the Adjala/Tecumseth Townline. Cyclists use these roads in large numbers and the safety of everyone is at risk without some proper signage, education and road work.

Accessibility Committee looking for new member

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act states that the  majority of the members of the Committee shall be persons with disabilities….the current composition of the Committee is to include 6 persons with disabilities, 3 citizen members and 2 members of Council for a total of 11 members….the current vacancy occurred as a result of a resignation from a member with a disability…in accordance with the Act, the member of the Committee must be replaced by someone with a disability.  Anyone interested in becoming a member is asked to contact:
Committee Secretary

South Simcoe Streams Network

Raising the Bar for Trees along Our Streams
Environmental outdoor opportunity for you, your friends, neighbours, youth and family.

To Register contact or 705 435-1540
Orientation and Light Refreshments included (bring a reusable water bottle) High School Student Community Hours Eligible

Budget Deliberations

Budget Deliberations for 2017 will begin November 2nd at 10:00 a.m. There will be many opportunities for public input and I will let you know when I have the dates.. I’d like to see the remainder of the 15th Sideroad paved as well as the continued improvement of other roads in the ward. What I heard from you at the door and continue to hear is that your main concerns are to keep your property taxes down and to see improved conditions on the roads.

I mentioned in my last email my position on reevaluating the wards. There was a petition circulating that received over 350 signatures (mainly from Ward 8,Tottenham) asking for a review of the current wards. Would you support spending upwards of $40,000 to hire a consultant to undertake this review if it meant having an expert, impartial party leading and redesigning the wards? Or do you think that council should figure this out, taking the risk that it will not be impartial and any possible decisions will likely not be upheld at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) if someone decided to take the town to the OMB? Send me a note and let me know your thoughts.

Rural Internet

On Friday September 30th I attended a conference entitled “Open and Smart Communities Forum”. The conference touched on rural Internet with representatives from both the Provincial and Federal governments who spoke on connecting communities. This is a major issue for many residents in Ward 7. There are a few key actions I plan to take as a result of the conference. They are the installation of conduit to make Ward 7 “fibre ready” and to keep the pressure on the SWITCH program to make something happen by 2018. The unfortunate news is that Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) continue to be more interested in installing fibre into high-density areas, like new subdivisions as it is less expensive and easier to do. This is why making our community “fibre ready” will make it more financially enticing to ISP’s as the infrastructure is already in place.

4th Line closure

The work on the bridge repair on the 4th Line has been delayed because of some unforeseen issues. There was unanticipated water issues and the existing sub-surface was in a poorer state than planned for.

“As a result of the shallow depth of the underlying artesian aquifer, the structural design of the bridge was required to be redesigned to provide for helical piles, as they are able to achieve greater friction bearing at shallower depths, therefore reducing the likelihood of encountering the underlying aquifer. In addition, the existing bridge deck was identified to be in much poorer condition than originally anticipated, and that the top portion of the deck which was to remain is lacking in aggregates and will require some redesign work for the bridge structure. The preferred redesign option is a more robust.”

The Contractor has provided an updated schedule, now that the works associated with the sealing of the aquifer and bridge redesign have been completed, and anticipate the bridge works being completed, and the road opened up to through traffic, by October 30, 2016.


Photo - Flower arrangement
Tottenham Flowers & Gifts has moved and re-opened in the Tottenham Mall. The new owner is Sharron Norman, a resident of Ward 7. Drop-in and support her new business.

If you have any interesting news or a business you would like to let Ward 7 residents know about, email me