April News

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Door to Door Dog License Canvassing

Monday April 13, 2015, Canine Control will be commencing Door to Door Dog License Canvassing which involves Canine Control staff attending all properties that do not have a dog license for 2015. They will start at Highway 9 and proceed on the roads from east to west. If you have any questions please contact Canine Control 905-729-4972 or animal control@zing-net.

Gravel Road material tender

The Town is seeking approval from council to award tender for 15,100 tonnes of Granular “M” on gravel roads as well as grades of gravel and it’s placement. This is the same grade of gravel that was used last year. The roads in Ward 7 that will receive placement are:

  • 17th Sideroad-Highway 9-2nd Line
  • 17th Sideroad-2nd Line-3rd Line (spot)
  • 2nd Line at 15th Sideroad
  • 2nd Line-17th Sideroad -20th Sideroad
  • 3rd Line-17th Sideroad -20th Sideroad
  • 3rd Line-20th Sideroad -East Boundary
  • 4th Line-18th Sideroad-20th Sideroad
  • 6th Line-15th Sideroad-18th Sideroad
  • 6th Line-18th Sideroad-20th Sideroad
  • 18th Sideroad-5th Line-6th Line

The work will be completed by May 31, 2015. This will be discussed at Monday April 13 Committee of the Whole meeting. Please call or email any comments.

Trans Canada Trail

Also on the agenda for the April 13th COW are the Award of Tender for Phase 2a, 9th Line to 10th Line of the Trans Canada Trail and Request to Issue Tender for Phase 2c. While other areas of the trail are still in negotiation with property owners, these parts of the trail are not being contested.

Promoting Low Impact Development (LID) to private landowners

A small area of Ward 7 in located in the Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority (LSRCA) watershed. View the regulation mapping to see if you are located in the LSRCA area. LID is being promoted through LSRCA’s Landowner Environmental Assistance Program, A new funding category was added in 2014 to encourage landowners to install rain gardens to reduce impacts on watercourses from urban stormwater run-off. Rain gardens are low maintenance sunken gardens which promote onsite, lot-level controls for stormwater retention and infiltration. Landowners in urban areas in the lake Simcoe watershed who want to participate in this program may be eligible for funding up to $10,000 or 75% of the cost of the project. For more info visit http://www.lsrca.on.ca/programs/rainscaping/.