Autumn 2020

Rural Internet

I am excited to share the good news for residents in rural ward 7 that Vianet has been in the area installing fibre cable for high speed internet.  They are currently installing from Loretto to Highway 9 via the Townline, across the 2nd Line and down the 10th Sideroad.  As you may be aware from my previous emails, I have been in contact with Vianet for many years regarding the gaps in connection in our area.   Now that many of us are working  and schooling at home, a strong and affordable connection is vital.  Vianet has plans to expand their service into more of our area, so stay tuned for further updates or visit their project site

Below is some information from Vianet that I am passing on.

Vianet’s Fibre Optic service is coming to your neighbourhood. With this you will be able to enjoy the fastest internet speeds with no data caps, HD Television and home phone service, all from your local provider. 


We are starting construction now and this will continue for the next few weeks as we link our network from Schomberg up to our network in Loretto. Customers can sign up for service at any time. We are expecting installations to take place between March 1 and July 1 2021.

Network Connection Fee

The cost to build the fibre service to your home and connect to the fibre network is encompassed in our Network Connection Fee. There is a Basic Fee for the area that is $1000 and applicable to each address. This covers the build from the road to the house up to 40m. An Extended Network Connection Fee applies for set back distances greater than 40 metres and is billed at $10 per metre.

Basic Network Connection Fee: $1000
Extended Network Connection Fee: $10/m past 40 metres.

With your Network Connection Fee you will receive

  • Fibre optic infrastructure build through your neighbourhood
  • Fibre optic cables built right into your home
  • In-Home installation of Internet service
  • In-Home installation of home phone service
  • In-Home installation of Television service (up to 3 televisions).


Fibre Internet packages start at 100Mbps download and all have unlimited data included at no additional fee. Check out our website for detailed information on our Internet packages in your area


For customers who sign up for service prior to March 1 2021 you will receive $500 off the Basic Network Connection Fee.


Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-788-0363 or email us at
*pricing is plus applicable taxes


5th Line Marijuana Minor Variance

There is a Minor Variance application submitted for 5809 5th Line, New Tecumseth for the November 26, 2020 Committee of Adjustment meeting.  I have had many complaints of odour from neighbours in the area and this is an opportunity for you to make your concerns known to the committee.  While the staff report has not yet been released, the various by-law complaints already made should make it into the report of staff.  You may participate in the Committee of Adjustment meeting and/or make written or verbal representation either in support of or in opposition of the application. Please note that all comments received will form part of the public record. Please note the virtual Committee of Adjustment meeting will be livestreamed on the Town Youtube channel at:

The Committee of Adjustment do not report to council-they are a board made up of residents and their decisions are appealed to the LPAT (formerly OMB) but not to council.  If you wish to make a verbal representation at the virtual Committee of Adjustment meeting regarding the proposed application, you must register by 12:00 PM on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 either by phone by contacting the Secretary-Treasurer (Andy Warzin – x1234) or online at:


Following the recent decision at the Committee of the Whole which supported the Flato development in Beeton, the Town is in receipt of three (3) requests for Minister’s Zoning Orders, each seeking expansions to the Town’s current settlement area boundaries. Each request is noted below with a link to the information submitted in support of each:

This is very concerning to me as this is not what I have heard the residents of Ward 7 want-more houses eating up the countryside.  I voted against the recent MZO application by Flato and I will fight to oppose the Coventry Park Neighbourhood Plan as well.  I have not reviewed the other plans as of yet but this method of application bypasses the current system and does not adhere to our current Official Plan and the County Official Plan.  Send council a note if you also oppose this expansion into our rural landscape. Please send your emails to and she will forward them to council.



Budget season in upon us and the public input session for the budget is on Tuesday November 10th at 7 PM.  Councillor Lacey (Tottenham) and Deputy Mayor Norcross are pushing to have a Ward Boundary review. As you may recall, this was done by council in 2017 and we managed to rebalance the wards at this time to accommodate the growth.  These public meetings drew many rural residents who stood up for the protection of a rural voice.  Do we need to hire a consultant to redo the ward boundary review (approx. $30k)?  Please let me or council know what you think.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Shira Harrison McIntyre
Councillor, Ward 7 New Tecumseth