Budget 2017

Firefighters Appreciation Dinner. I’m pictured here with Frank Mayer, a volunteer Firefighter (and my neighbour) and Fire Chief Dan Heydon.

Sideroad 15 repaving works will continue with the roadway between the 5th and 7th Line this year. This is a welcome relief to anyone who uses these roads. The cost to complete these works is over $555,000. Council is committed to completing the road work up to the 10th in the coming years.

Another Ward 7 project being undertaken is the Pre-Engineering and Design of Sideroad 10 and the 6th Line.  This review, design and construction is required to rehabilitate and improve sightlines.  Beeton is already getting busier and with the new homes going in, Sideroad 10 will see more traffic.  It is imperative that our priority be the safety of our residents and those who use the roads.  The total cost for this project will be just under $1 Million.

The long awaited news of Fibre internet is close to being a reality for the rural residents of Ward 7!  I have been meeting with a  ISP (Internet Service Provider) that will be making a bid to instal the fibre to this area.  As many of you know, the Federal government has made this a priority and has identified a few high-density areas to start with.  One key area is Tecumseth Pines and the other is Colgan.  The exciting news is that to get from Tecumseth Pines to Colgan they will have to go through Ward 7.  It is still very tentative as to the path it will take, but if all goes according to plan, some areas not currently serviced with reliable internet will soon have fibre internet connection.

There is a vacancy on the New Tecumseth Library Board.  Meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.  Interested applicants can contact Jill Jones at jjones@newtecumseth.ca to receive an application.  This is an important time for the library as we are building a new library in Tottenham.  It will be located at the Tottenham Community and Fitness Centre.  The cost for this project is over $2 Million and the proposed size is 5000 square feet.  This is smaller than the size of the Beeton Library.  The money for this project is 90% funded through Development Charges.  Get involved and help make a positive difference.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Cell: 905-936-9642