Budget 2018

Photo - Shira & Peter Shmagola
Tottenham Beeton Chamber of Commerce Gala and awards. Here I am with Peter Shmagola, Owner of ADL, winner for Business Excellence, Tottenham.

Budget Public Input Session

The public input session for the 2018 budget is Tuesday November 21st at 7:00 p.m. at the Council Chambers in Alliston. The budget can be viewed by going to 2018-Draft-Town-Budget-Package.pdf

The tremendous flood of June 23rd has resulted in over $850,000 worth of works to ditches and culverts and the work is not yet complete.  Unfortunately, because of the provinces emergency works funding formula, non of the work will be eligible for provincial grants.  I know there a couple residents who have applied and I hope you have better luck!

One budget item that I am hoping will receive council support is the Transportation Master Plan update.  This was something that I campaigned on and I am pleased to see it on the budget.

There is also a budget line item for work on the Sideroad 10 and the 6th line.  This intersection has terrible sight lines and the work would correct this.  Any input on this in advance of the work is welcome.


Ward 5 Vacancy

Due to the passing of Deputy Mayor Jamie Smith, Council elected Donna Jebb to the Deputy Mayor position.  This left her seat vacant and tonight council will select a new Ward 5 representative.  Fourteen individuals have put their name forward.  Most of them have submitted information to council and they will each get 10 minutes to address council.  Council won’t have an opportunity to ask questions.  My personal belief is that whomever we elect should not have political ambitions to run in next years election as this would give them an unfair advantage as an incumbent without having been democratically elected by the population.

The fourteen candidates are:

  • Peter W. Anderson,
  • Peter Barbati,
  • Zachery Giuliani,
  • Doug Kowalinski,
  • Stephanie MacLellan,
  • Bob Marrs,
  • Alan Masters,
  • Terry Meginnis,
  • Laurie Mortimer,
  • Kennard Pratt,
  • Cam Simone,
  • Stuart Starbuck,
  • Erwin van Laar,
  • David Wood.

Please send any comments or recommendations.

If you have any interesting news or a business you would like to let Ward 7 residents know about, email me info@shiraward7.ca


Correction: News item updated to reflect correct flood damages cost to the town at $850,000 not $50,000.