Budget 2022

The proposed budget for 2022 was released on Friday and has a net operating and capital levy of $39.8M. This includes a Capital levy to help support the renewal of aging infrastructure for 0.5%. Combined the total levy increase would be 3.34%, which represents a property tax increase of $79 for the average home ($452, 931). Some highlights include:

  • $1.3M in new parks and upgrades
  • $19.6M in roads and bridge reconstructions.
  • $337K for the 2022 Municipal election which will use electronic tabulators and allow for online vote
  • $126K increase to insurance premiums
  • $159K additional library grants
  • $50K in transit enhancements to connect Tottenham to the LYNX (County) bus in Beeton which goes to the GO station in Bradford.Administration costs have been reduced by 3% and COLA has been held at 1%.

Council has control over the Town portion of the taxes collected, which is approximately 56% of the property tax bill. The remainder is determined by Simcoe County and the School Board.

Development activity has been slower than anticipated and the drop in growth will put pressure on future budgets as many growth initiatives require development funds to pay for them.

In 2019, Council approved Gravel Road Upgrade Policy which sees the upgrading of gravel roads to hotmix asphalt. The 6th Line between Sideroad 15 and Sideroad 18 was selected to be upgraded in the 2022 budget.

To view the budget please visit https://www.newtecumseth.ca/en/town-hall/budget-and-finances.aspx

To speak at the Budget meeting on Tuesday November 16th at 7PM, please contact the Clerk at pfettes@newtecumseth.ca

Speed Reductions to Ward 7 Roads

The following sections of roads have undergone technical review from the town Engineering department and been determined to be suitable for reduced speed limit:

  • 6th Line from Sideroad 10 to 1,300 metres east of Sideroad 10 reduced to 60km/h
  • 6th Line from 1,300 east of Sideroad 10 to Sideroad 15 to 70km/h
  • 2nd Line from Sideroad 20 to Town East Boundary reduced to 60km/h
  • Sideroad 20 from 2nd ine to Highway 9 reduced to 60km/h

Council has put forward a motion requesting that the Town of Adjala-Tosorontio paint a solid yellow line on the Adjala/Tecumsth Townline from Simcoe Road 1 to Highway 9. Many residents have expressed their concerns about this road and the passing and speeding that occurs. As this section of roadway is maintained by Adj-Tos, we can make the request but they have the ultimate choice on whether to grant our request or not.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments please reach out.

Shira Harrison McIntyre
Councillor, Ward 7 New Tecumseth