Monday March 18th Council Agenda

Gravel Roads, New Admin. Centre and filming of meetings…

This Monday’s Committee of the Whole Agenda is chalk full of items that may be of interest to you. Read the reports.

A draft gravel road policy is being presented to committee.  This policy recommends a streamlined approach to gravel road upgrading and maintenance.  The roads are a major source of concern for me and the residents of Ward 7, both the condition and the safety.  This policy, if adopted, would set new criteria for maintenance standards on gravel roads.

A new Administration Centre is needed as we have outgrown our existing space.

The last council purchased the old Alliston Union School, which sits on four acres in downtown Alliston for $1 million.  As the building has no internal load-bearing walls, it lends itself well to reuse.  Some work has already been done on the site and money has been invested.  That being said, it is a prime piece of serviced land in a growing community and could be sold for an estimated 5 million dollars.   The new council (including some returning councillors) had concerns that all the options weren’t examined, so council opted to have a high-level look at some of the other options (which were already dismissed as not ideal).  This report to committee and the public on Monday lays out the options and the estimated costs.  Please have a look at the report and let me know what you think.  There are some interesting options, namely co-locating with a new Beeton Recreation Centre.  I am curious to hear your thoughts, so please send me a note before Monday night.

A concern about being filmed was brought forward from the member of the public who spoke at a committee meeting.  Rogers TV films most meetings, but lately the meetings have also been filmed and streamed onto Facebook by a member of the audience.  This person expressed to council in a letter her discomfort on being taped by a member of the public because of the commentary that is added by the person filming and the disparaging comments on Facebook as a result of her speaking.

This is an interesting time to be having this kind of discussion because voting numbers are down in all elections so it seems that anything that engages the community is a positive thing.  At the same time, the anonymity of social media has created a bullying mentality that is discouraging people from wanting to engage publicly for fear of being ridiculed. Do you want to watch council and committee meetings on Facebook and do you see this as a public service? Would you hesitate to speak at council if you were being broadcast onto Facebook? Let me know what you think.

As always, you may email or call me with any questions or concerns. or 905-936-9642.