MZO Update, Marihuana By-law

Shira with her son and Deanne Rose

Woodington Lake MZO Application Denied

Monday September 28th the application for a Ministers Zoning Order (MZO) was on the Committee Agenda. The proposal was to build houses, seniors homes, industrial lands, a resort and more outside the current Tottenham Settlement Boundary. This proposal would abut my property and therefore I was unable to participate or speak to the application. A recorded vote was called and after much discussion the final vote was:

Deny Application: Michael Beattie, Paul Foster; Alan Lacey, Stephanie MacLellan, Richard Norcross

Approve MZO: Donna Jebb, Rick Milne, Wayne Noye, Fran Sainsbury

My hope is that this denial will send the necessary message to developers that any applications should go through the established public process channels.

Marihuana By-Law Directs Growing to Employment Areas

At the Monday meeting, Council voted to create a new by-law which would limit the growing of cannabis to Employment Area Two (EA2) a.k.a Industrial Zoned Lands. This was a hotly debated item as the Town hired a Planning consultant to advise us and this was not the recommendation from the consultant, the Town Planner and the Town Solicitor. Marihuana is a crop according to the Province (though this is also contentious) and as such, restricting its’ growth to Industrial Lands might not stand if it is challenged in court. The original motion would have allowed the growing to occur in Agricultural areas but with many provisions in place to protect residents, including requiring 100 acres of space, having a 500 metre distance from sensitive uses (which includes residents) and a bevy of site plan control measures and reports, it would have made a very tight box in which this growers would have to operate. The final vote (recorded) was:

In Favour: Paul Foster, Donna Jebb, Alan Lacey, Rick Milne, Richard Norcross, Wayne Noye, Fran Sainsbury

Opposed: Michael Beattie, Stephanie MacLellan, Shira Harrison McIntyre

County Bins Coming

I have received many emails and calls regarding the new County Bins for Waste Management. The majority of complaints have been on their size and questions on where to store them and how this is going to work with long driveways and snowy conditions. The County is suggesting that they can be left somewhere close to the road on your property. Were were successful in lobbying for a pilot project in Green Briar for smaller containers, which I know many older residents would prefer. For questions or concerns, please contact the County or your County Representatives-Deputy Mayor Richard Norcross or Mayor Rick Milne

The Town of New Tecumseth will recognize National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day this Thursday September 30th with a flag raising ceremony at Town Hall 10 a.m. The Town Hall is located at the corner of Wellington St. E and Church St. South

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments please call or email me.
Shira Harrison McIntyre
Councillor, Ward 7 New Tecumseth