What’s Happening

The Tottenham Airfield Corporation (TAC) had a Fill and Site Alteration Permit with the Town of New Tecumseth which has now expired.

TAC is currently seeking to expand its airfield works and requires the approval of Transport Canada. As part of a required consultation process, TAC has circulated a Tottenham Airfield Construction Notice which seeks public comments that will then be provided to Transport Canada in a summary report. In that report, TAC must outline the comments that have been received and what steps have been taken to mitigate them. TAC is also required to clearly identify any objections they have not addressed and provide a rationale for not doing so.

Public comments will be accepted until Sept. 9, 2019. Public comments must be submitted directly to TAC in order to be received and considered by Transport Canada. You can provide your comments to TAC by email to Martin Zimmer, P.Eng. Mzimmer@bell.net or by mail to: Tottenham Airfield Corporation, 8128 Highway 9, Tottenham, Ontario (telephone 647-880-3385).

Transport Canada has advised that while the public must submit comments directly to TAC, if you choose, after submitting your comments to TAC, you may submit or copy your comments to Transport Canada through email to Patrick.Juneau@tc.gc.ca

At Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, council voted unanimously to sending a letter of objection regarding continued soil importation to the T.A.C. site, as it is not in the Public interest.

For the site to continue with their expansion plans, they need to show that they engaged in public consultation and have responded to the concerns that the public has brought forward.  The staff and town solicitor prepared a letter which outlines the background of the site and our many concerns and issues. The outstanding issues will be included in our letter to T.A.C. and CC’d to Transport Canada.

To date, the fill importation operations at the T.A.C. site have ceased since mid-August of 2018 as a result of reported free cyanide and other chemical parameters above their respective Table 2 Site Condition Standards (S.C.S.) from May 2018 to mid-August 2018.  The Site Plan Agreement (SPA) made it possible for us to find these exceedances and to stop the importation.

Prior to the town having a SPA with T.A.C., we did not have our own consultants auditing the site or test wells.  It is important to note that the works on this site have been happening since before 2012.  You first elected me in 2015 and our SPA with T.A.C. was negotiated 1 year later. Two years later (Aug. 2018), the fill stopped.  This is because we had an agreement, which we followed.

Please send your comments regarding the site to  mzimmer@bell.net before September 9th.

County of Simcoe is now offering residents a new mobile device application that provides an easy one-stop location for waste collection information.

View your upcoming collection schedule, receive reminders, search the Waste Wizard to learn how to properly dispose of items, receive information on waste management sites, and more.The Simcoe County Collects app is available through Google Play or the App Store. In addition to receiving service impact alerts, residents can set the application to allow notifications, so you never miss another collection date. Residents can even provide feedback on their waste collection services directly to the County via the application. For more information, visit simcoe.ca/wasteschedule.

As always, you may email or call me with any questions or concerns. sharrisonmcintyre@newtecumseth.ca or 905-936-9642.